How to Make a Scentsational First Impression in Your Interview

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How exciting is it to be selected for an interview and have your hopes high to get the job? Most of us have experienced this.

After being selected, we plan our outfit for the day to level up our confidence. On the interview day you remember you have not planned the perfume for that day.

Then you start debating whether to use perfume in the interview or it is unacceptable.

Don’t worry, this article will answer your questions and clear your doubts when attending the much awaited interview.

Should You Wear Perfume to An Interview?

No, it is advisable to avoid wearing perfume or cologne to a job interview. If you must smell nice, use a lighter one that you’re sure won’t cause any discomfort.

Some interviewers may be allergic to scents which may make them uncomfortable during the interview sessions or even make them sick due to sensitivities triggered by the scent.

should you wear perfume to an interview

If only you must apply your perfume because it makes you confident, apply one spritz on your favorite pulse point where the scent is not noticeable by others.

The main focus of a job interview is to discuss on how well you will do the job I given the offer. You should not focus on which strong scent the interviewer will love.

How Do You Smell Good in An Interview

Smelling good in an interview is important as it creates a positive impression on the interviewer. Here are some tips to ensure you smell good for your interview:

1. Personal hygiene

Prior to the interview, take a thorough shower and wash your hair using a pleasant-smelling shampoo. Clean your body with a scented soap or body wash to ensure you feel and smell fresh.

2. Apply deodorant

Use a mild, non-overpowering deodorant to combat body odor throughout the day. Choose a scent that is not too strong or offensive to others.

3. Avoid heavy perfume or cologne

It’s better to go light on fragrance or even avoid it altogether, as strong scents may be distracting or disliked by the interviewer.

4. Clean and fresh clothing

Ensure your interview outfit is freshly laundered and free from any unpleasant smells. Consider using a fabric refresher spray or placing a scented dryer sheet in your wardrobe to keep clothes smelling clean.

5. Breath fresheners

Bad breath can leave a negative impression, so it’s essential to have fresh breath. Brush your teeth before the interview and use mouthwash or breathe mints to keep your breath fresh without being overpowering.

Remember, smelling good is not about overwhelming the space with strong scents. It’s about maintaining cleanliness, freshness, and subtlety.

By following these tips, you’ll feel confident and present yourself confidently during the interview.

Which Perfumes Are Best for An Interview

If you have to apply perfume in an interview, then you should do that carefully not to irritate the interviewing panel.

You should therefore choose a lighter scent which will make you feel confident without irritating those around you at the interview panel. There are several perfumes which are light and fit to wear to a job interview. They include;

1. Gucci Flora

It has alight floral scent which gives you confidence and freshness without irritating those around you. When attending an interview, you can use this scent at a minimum amount which will revolve around you and prevent unnecessary body odors.

2. Versace Versense

This perfume has a citrus and fig scent which is cool an relaxing. When attending a interview, you can use this fragrance and it will calm your mind and give you the confidence you need.

3. Givenchy Gentlemen Only

This is a fragrance for gentlemen. It opens up with a citrus, violet and pepper scent which gives men a good first impression. For men gong for an interview, you can use this cool fragrance to prevent any unnecessary odors and give you the confidence needed.

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What Item Should You Not Bring to An Interview

Once you get into the interview room, everything you carry will be noticed by the interviewers. Therefore, you should only carry the necessary items to the interview room mainly which include your documents. There are items that are not allowed in the interview room. They include;

1. Cell phone

Cell phone can act as a distraction during the interview session. Although you can carry your phone in the interview room, it should be on silent mode and should also be away from in your pocket or purse.

2. Coffee

The weather might too cold but that does not guarantee the reason to carry coffee in the interview room. The interviewer may offer you coffee but you should not carry yours.

3. Shopping

You might have entered the mall before the interview to do some shopping. When entering the interview room you should not carry your shopping with you. The interviewer might take this negatively by thinking that you are prioritizing other things rather than the interview. You should consider leaving t at the company’s security office.

4. Irrelevant reading materials

Don’t carry your favorite novel, magazine or storybook in the interview room. Focus on the interview ahead of you and then think of reading your favorite books after.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Smelling Good Important for A Job Interview?

Yes, smelling good is important for an interview and can help create a good first impression. However, you should be careful when using fragrance.

In your choice of a fragrance for an interview, you should be careful not to use too much perfume as this may paint a bad picture to you.

Is Wearing Perfume Unprofessional?

No, wearing perfume is not unprofessional if applied at a light note where only you and the people who will come close to you.

However, if you wear perfume that is too loud, it will bother those near you and that will be impolite and unprofessional.

Is It Acceptable to Wear Jewelry In An Interview

Yes, it is acceptable to wear jewelry in an interview.

However, when choosing the right jewelry to wear, you should fall for the one that does not create too much attention.

The Wrap-Up  

When going for an interview, you should focus much on creating a good first impression. You can achieve this through good grooming, dressing well and wearing your confidence well.

Don’t overdo anything or carry anything which is unnecessary.

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