20 best rose perfumes that’ll charm any fragrance fanatic

When you think of rose perfumes, you probably associate them with the traditional floral fragrances worn by your grandmother. Cloying, overbearing, stuffy—and actually quite unlike the sweet, fresh scent you experience when surrounded by fresh-cut roses. Whilst many established (and indeed, iconic) fragrances revolve around it, rose has long since been a note that I’ve avoided and eschewed in favour of … Read more

10 Best Marc Jacobs Perfume For Women

A legend in the fashion industry, “Best Marc Jacobs Perfume,” Marc Jacobs is as famous for co-creating some of the most celebrated women’s, men’s, and unisex scents on the market as he is for designing clothing. Scent has become a crucial part of selling his designs not only because it adds an immersive experience but also allows … Read more

101 Best Inspirational Quotes for Teens

Being a teenager feels like the most challenging time in your life. They’re dealing with challenges that they didn’t have to face as a child, but now as an adolescent, everything is different. There are so many physical, emotional, social, and psychological changes that they are experiencing it can be difficult to keep up with … Read more

35 Inspirational Quotes For Confidence & Motivation

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14 Quotes to Help You Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is a super common issue that can hold you back from feeling productive (trust me, I’ve been there before). To procrastinate means to push off the important tasks that you need to complete, leaving them for a later time or date. Procrastination may make you feel better for a little while, but it can snowball, leading to … Read more