The 15 Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes of 2024

Most will associate Victoria’s Secret with underwear or cute pajamas, but they also have a huge presence when it comes to fragrance. Fun fact: Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Eau de parfum is actually the best-selling fragrance in America—wow, right? But beyond Bombshell there’s a stack of amazing scents: some sweet, some floral, some guaranteed to get … Read more

The 6 Best Perfume Subscription Boxes to Help You Discover the Perfect Scent

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The 12 Best Patchouli Perfumes of 2024

Patchouli is one of those scents that has a lot of mystery associated with it. Once thought of as a pungently sweet fragrance worn by joint-smoking flower children in the 1960s, today you can find patchouli in some of the world’s most luxury perfumes. Patchouli is a type of plant (it’s classified as part of … Read more

The 6 Best Valentino Perfumes to Add to Your Collection

When perusing the luxury fragrance section at the department store, it’s impossible not to run into a selection of studded bottles from Valentino. Though they all don the Italian fashion house’s signature motif, have similar names, and emanate an air of elegance, each fragrance is wildly different. The range of perfumes includes floral, fruity, and woodsy scent … Read more

5 Best Sol de Janeiro Perfume Mists for Your Dressing Table

In Brazil, fragrance is taken very seriously. The main goal: To be cheirosa (pronounced sheh-ro-zah), or always smelling delicious. This concept, plus Brazil’s paradise-on-Earth vibe, inspired Sol de Janeiro founder Heela Yang to create a line of irresistible perfume sprays that are transportive (they literally conjure up the aesthetic of a tropical vacation), sensual, and … Read more

The 11 Best Gucci Perfumes for Women That Smell Absolutely Wonderful

According to experts, aroma plays a part in determining attraction. As Dr. Joanne Frederick told The Zoe Report, “The perception of a potential partner’s body odor can subconsciously help one decide if they’re attracted to them or not. When you’re attracted to someone, you’re more likely to be drawn to their smell.” Agata Groyecka, a researcher … Read more

10 Best Sweet & Feminine Arab Perfumes for Women

Discovering the perfect fragrance is a journey of elegance and allure, and for women seeking a sweet and feminine touch, Arab perfumes offer a captivating choice. Renowned for their rich, exotic blends, these perfumes blend traditional ingredients with modern sophistication, creating scents that are both enchanting and timeless. Whether you’re looking to indulge yourself or … Read more

14 Best Perfumes for All Men

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